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4 September
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I'm a 33 year old Virgo and I started my livejournal about two years ago at the urging of my sister kemidra. I am originally from southern NJ, but my husband Mike and I bought a house in Glenolden, PA in January of 2007. We live in a wonderful neighborhood with my 7 year old stepson Joshua, and my 6 year old daughter Melanie. I work in customer service for an oriental rug company and Mike owns a business that does cement work in the Philadelphia area.

I love my family and my friends and my job and my life. It has its ups and downs like everyone's I suppose. I love to read, watch movies, sing karaoke, go to comedy clubs, and play with my kids. I am a Christian, but not righteously so. I am always busy and wish I had more time for everything. I love the fall and Halloween. Oh, and I'm terrible at filling out profiles. :)

There have been so many changes in the past year! Our children are now brother and sister, we are now husband and wife, and we recently had our first child together! Her name is Lauren and she was born on the 4th of July. A brand new chapter of our lives is beginning and we're really enjoying it. We are so blessed and life is good (most of the time)!

Most of my entries are Friends Only, so please comment to be added. :)

I am attempting to start a home based business selling Ebay for myself and for others. My seller's ID is currently melsellsyourstuff and you are welcome to look me up under the "community" tab on www.ebay.com!

I have also begun selling Avon products with the intent of building my business enough to stay at home with my children. You can check out my website and browse and/or order! www.youravon.com/mstraiton

Who else is love?
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